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Contents of the Proposed Comprehensive Plan

Vision Statement Presented at Town Meeting March 2014

A Vision for Unity, the "Garden of Waldo County"

We the People of Unity envision a future where we thrive in a vibrant community that cherishes our environment, supports and celebrates our citizens, and welcomes all.

In the 1800s, Unity was known as the garden spot of Waldo County. We envision a future Unity that is a flourishing garden-a place of beauty that nurtures life in multiple ways: growing good food; enhancing our health; fostering our economic prosperity; and enabling us to lead safe and fulfilling lives.

We see Unity in the future as a community that has:

A new comprehensive plan is being developed to pursue this vision. During 2013 and early 2014 -through an online and paper survey, an open visioning session, one-to-one and small group discussions-residents have identified six broad areas of focus for this plan: natural resources; agriculture; town governance; economic opportunity; community spirit; and the relationship with Unity College.

Ongoing work in 2014 and early 2015 will result in a new comprehensive plan designed to:

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Unity Comprehensive Plan will be the legal framework for our town's land use ordinances. It can also be a credential for gaining foundation and state funding. The plan will use census data, locally collected data, and public feedback to ensure that Unity's growth is guided by the needs and concerns of our citizens.

The Comprehensive Planning process is intended to:

Our Comprehensive Plan will incorporate a detailed analysis of the current community (including its natural resources, businesses, housing, public facilities, population trends, etc) alongside strong community engagement process. It will develop strategies that will guide us to the future our community envisions.

In this initial stage of the process, the Comp Plan Committee is gathering input from as many of the following as possible: a cross-section of residents, property owners, and people from other towns who utilize Unity’s resources and services. We hope that you will be one of those who we hear from.

This questionnaire is the first in a series that the Committee will use to understand the concerns of community members. For each of these forms, you will be able to respond either

Committee Members: Donald Newell, Ken Murch, Emily Newell, Chia Murdock, Sydney Taber, Jean Bourg, Tony Avila, Jim Perry, Lori Roming, John Piotti, Bob Downie, Doug Fox, Michelle Leavitt, Sara Trunzo, John McIntire, Tom Aversa, Sonia Antunes.

To send a message to the Comprehensive Plan Committee, send an email to feedback@unitymaine.org

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